Frequently Asked Questions

1Who will find the most value using Sebiya?
Sebiya is ideal for boutique hotels, short-term rental hosts and vacation rental companies seeking to provide a full-service travel experience. While your guests' will benefit from having all their travel needs and wants accessible at their fingertips.
2Why use Sebiya?
As you and your team look to adapt to the new norm, post COVID-19 we are here to help. With Sebiya you can minimize physical contact for both your staff and guests which helps enforce social distancing, promote engagement and ensure your guests' experience does not suffer along the way.
3Does the software require special devices to run?
No. Your staff and guests can download and access your custom-made application from the comfort of their own devices.
4How does Sebiya work?
As our customer your App will display your logo and act as an extension of your services offerings. Your app will be available on both IOS and Android. Your tailor-made technology will include features that are most important to you and your guests’. Some of the key features are property location and house rules, local guidebooks, reviews and rating and real-time chat just to name a few.
5Who founded Sebiya?
We are a small bootstrapped team of minorities who value working with other independently owned & operated small business owners within the lodging industry.
6How does Sebiya charge?
We use a SaaS subscription model which is charged on a "per unit per month" bases depending on the amount of units/rooms your property has.   Your customers can download and begin using Sebiya complimentarily.

Our Story

Why our customers loves us?

We are a small team of minorities who prioritize customer service and always seek to create innovation for other independently owned & operated small business owners within the lodging industry.

We are Hoteliers.
We love Entrepreneurs.

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